Well...! Here we are, the parents of a little girl in preschool. Not sure how the time went so fast. Over the last 4-1/2 years, we've had a blast posting pictures and stories for our family, friends and the world to see. As of September 30, 2009, we've recorded 21,132 hits on Morgan's page, and below is just one page of her recent visitor map. We have been honoured that so many people in so many different places would care enough to check in and see how our little girl is doing.

Now... Morgan is a little older and probably doesn't need the world (or the little boys in her class) to see her bare bum online. We will continue to post new pictures and to have the old ones available, but we feel it's time to have a slightly better idea of who is looking in. If you would like to continue viewing Morgan's site, please email me if I haven't emailed you already and tell me a little about yourself. I would love to hear from even just a few of the people who have already stumbled across our site!

Morgan's Mommy and Daddy
(aka: Laurie and Ally Campbell)

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